2021 Design Competitions

Competition 1: Bridge Destroyer 3000

Put your CAD and bridge-building skills to the test with our Bridge Destroyer 3000 competition.  INNOVATE Albion and Conceptual Innovations challenges YOU to build the strongest bridge possible and then test it on our bridge destroyer machine.

Conceptual Innovations will put $20.00 into the competition pot. Each time a student tests their bridge on the Bridge Destroyer they will add $3.00 to the pot. The BEST performing bridge at the end of January will win all the money in the pot. Each month the competition starts over with the winning bridge from the previous month as the bridge to beat.

Here’s how it works

  1. Register: Sign up as a participant in the Bridge Destroyer Competition here.
  2. Design Your Bridge: At home, design your bridge using Solidworks according to the constraints and specifications included below.
  3. Send Your Design to INNOVATE Albion: The team at INNOVATE Albion will cut out your bridge components and let you know when the components are ready to be picked up.
  4. Build Your Bridge: Take your bridge components home and assemble your bridge.
  5. Test Your Bridge: Register for a time to test your bridge on our Bridge Destroyer at INNOVATE Albion. Each time you test a bridge design you will add $3.00 to the competition cash pot.

Click here to review the competition’s constraints, requirements, scoring, and set-up.