What is INNOVATE Albion?

INNOVATE Albion is a teaching and training center for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and robotics in Southwest Michigan. As a nonprofit organization, founded in collaboration with Caster Concepts, Inc. and Conceptual Innovations, we bring together students, educators, and professionals to build the next generation of skilled talent in our region.

The idea for INNOVATE Albion began as Caster Concepts and Conceptual Innovations took a creative approach to recruit and retain skilled talent for their engineering team. The skilled talent required in the manufacturing field does not often seek out Southwest Michigan as a place to build their life. However, our area schools are filled with students eager to put their learning into action and begin working. INNOVATE Albion believes that through mentorship, hands-on learning, and internship opportunities we can build a sustainable pipeline of skilled talent for manufacturing facilities throughout the region.

Our Mission:

With a commitment to STEM education, INNOVATE Albion provides high-quality learning opportunities for students, educators, and professionals, in the greater Albion region.

Our Vision:

INNOVATE Albion envisions a community where all students have access to an excellent STEM Education; Where educators and mentors have access to STEM-focused professional development; and where the greater Albion region grows and sustains an advanced workforce.